About Magical Hydrangea

With our hydrangeas, we colour your world, inside and out. Be amazed by the magic of nature, creating a changing colour palette every day.

Our story

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration, and we find its stunning colours enchanting. Colours that surprise, change and ensure that no two days are the same. This gift of nature can be found in every one of our indoor and garden hydrangeas. Powerful, eye-catching plants that flower for up to 150 days in ever-changing shades. 

Our growers

We work with the most passionate hydrangea growers in Europe. Together we grow Magical hydrangeas of the highest quality with love and attention. Do you want to know more? 

Meet our growers

Extremely strong beauty

Magical hydrangeas change colour at least three to four times in one flowering season. You'll get endless enjoyment because our hydrangeas are very robust and flower for a long time. The garden plants stay upright during heavy rain showers thanks to their sturdy branches, and the indoor hydrangeas are guaranteed to attract attention.